Thursday 6 October 2011

:: made by mee cushiony friends - Millie Mischief ::

Millie Mischief by cat&vee
Millie Mischief, a photo by cat&vee on Flickr.
Here at last is our final made by mee cushiony friend for you to meet (we thought Finn McTrickster was the last one, but Millie Mischief was waiting quietly in the corner, counting her tiny-treasures collection).

This is the gorgeous Millie Mischief. She loves to collect tiny treasures and carry them in her tiny handbag. She also loves to create fabulous imaginary worlds, and populate them with her tiny toys, who all talk in very high pitched voices. A lovely tea party never goes astray either, and Millie is quite the tiny food gourmand - think meringue mushrooms and fancy chocolates.

Do you have a Millie Mischief in your life?

Millie Mischief can be screen printed in hot pink or charcoal onto calico. Her made by mee cushiony kit lives inside a matching drawstring bag, and contains a patchworked cushion front, a cushion back, instructions, wool felt and embroidery floss for your crafty kid to embellish. She is suitable for crafty kids of all shapes and sizes, within an 8 to 108 age range. An adult should be on hand to wield an iron and sewing machine.

Pop across to our shop to have a look at Millie Mischief and her mee friends. The Millie photos in our shop, show Millie with some felt and floss embellishments, unlike our pic here. We can package her up and send her flying straight into the arms of your crafty kid.

'til next time xoxo cat

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