Friday 12 October 2012

:: Blogtoberfest day 12 - Lisey's bag ::

Our friend Lisey is off to Disneyland, so we stitched up a Lisey Meow Meow bag for her to take along. 
{{ready to say hi to Minnie}}
Lisey is a blue-and-yellow-loving girl, so we made the bag around that colour-combo.

And the back

On their way home from Disneyland, Lisey's family is stopping in for a bit of a relax in Fiji - hence the little hula girl (who is visiting Fiji from Hawaii perhaps ...).

The strap is scrappy, lots of little blue and yellow pieces, for a bit of I Spy fun.

Safe travels Lisey + family, we're looking forward to hearing your news and seeing pics when you get back!!  Maybe some like these:

Woo hooooo!!  Miss you, see you soon. x

So happy it's Friday, and we are one week down for the school term.  We have a busy weekend ahead, so if we miss a blogging day tomorrow, we're still here, just distracted.

Don't forget our Blogtoberfest giveway - scroll down to Day 10 for pics of the giveaway prize and details.

'til tomorrow.  Or Sunday.    xoxo cat

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