Saturday 6 October 2012

:: Blogtoberfest Day 6 - Normal Family ::

The graphic-designing wizard otherwise known as Vee, uploaded a little idea to Spoonflower early last week.

We both love Spoonflower - there are so many amazing designs to be found, and it's how we met the super clever and lovely PennyCandy Amy - so we thought we'd give their digital printing a whirl.

Vee dropped a couple of panels off to me this morning, via the letterbox, since she was out for a walk and I was still in my pyjamas and best not seen by anyone beyond immediate family.

I've sewn up a couple of cushions today, so let's bring on the photo-fest.

{{sunning themselves out by the pool}}
The idea was that I'd make one for the shop, and one to keep - both at the same time.  A tandem-cushion-making-day.

{{catching some rays}}
To keep me company during my epic tandem-cushion-marathon, the kids settled in for a movie - 'The Sound of Music' - lots of happy singing, cheering for Fraulein Maria and not-cheering for the Baroness.  
{{close up}}
I used used the same fabrics in each cushion - a mix of Chicopee, Field Study, pink Ta Dots, orange Piece o'Cake, a cute blue scribble and a tiny bit of text print.  The inner and outer borders are Chicopee charcoal ladder dots.  

{{settling in with the felt balls}}
{{nearly there ... }}
I got a little distracted by the movie as I was pinning the backs to the fronts ... and for the first and only time EVER in my life, I sewed the back for the 'shop' cushion on upside down.

{{this is the back of what was to be my 'keeper cushion' - zipper down low, label facing the right way}}
{{uh oh - zipper up high, label upside down ... }}
Admittedly, as I was pinning and sewing the backs to the fronts, 'The Sound of Music' was at the crucial concert/hiding in the convent bit, so I was very anxious for the Von Trapps.  Even though I have seen the movie enough times to be able to quote lengthy parts of the script, not just the songs. 

The upshot is, after being cranky for a while - they're both keepers - one for me, one for Vee.

I'm so happy with how they've turned out - the fronts, that is - so I will sew up a couple more for the shop.  Just not today.  I've had a hissy fit about the back-muck-up, so I'm calling it sewing-quits for the day.  Plus - the kids are about to jump into the pool, and I need to go and keep an eye on them.

Happy weekend.  Be sure to concentrate hard on your sewing, and not be distracted by the TV, no matter how compelling it is ;-) 

xoxo cat

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  1. I think the upsidedown-ness of the back suits the cushion, it's like a fabricy version of writing 'oh wait, no we're not' on back.


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