Thursday 25 October 2012

:: Blogtoberfest day 25 - bits and pieces ::

Popping in for a really quick post tonight.  

Vee and I printed more Home-ie panels today - we'll upload them to the shop in the next couple of days, along with our new #loveme #imnotneedy #loveahashtag #thepossiblenamesareendless cushion panels.  Did you miss them - here's another pic.

{{you'll be needing one of these}}
We've slowed a little on the sewing front this week - so much else happening - but have been working on a trio of matching cushions - for a friend headed to NYC with a couple of her good friends.  

{{iphone pic}}
Can't go wrong with the fab Alicia Keys words mixed with the gorgeous Prints Charming.  We'll have them stitched up and finished over the weekend.

In other news ... one more sleep ... til our Blogtoberfest prize is drawn out of a hat ... be in it to win it.  Leave a comment by midnight Australian EST tomorrow night (Friday 26th).   Here's what you're in the running for:
{{Finn McTrickster ipad zip pouch ... you know you'd love it}}
Fingers crossed for sewing time tomorrow.    'til then    xoxo cat

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  1. Hope you've had some luck with the sewing time! I have just come across your blog via Maybelle's auction page, and admire so much of what I see (and will probably be singing Wham! for the rest of the day... not that there's anything wrong with that!).


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