Sunday 14 October 2012

:: Blogtoberfest day 14 - market sewing ::

Vee and I have plans for stalls at two markets before Christmas.

We are new to markets.  We have only done one before - a local Christmas market last year, which went really well.  We got together last week for coffee and to brain-storm a few ideas, and are now a little scared at the volume of goodies we think we will need - amidst all the usual busyness of term 4 life.

But off we go ... 

i-pad zip-pouches have made the list - as many as we can sew together in time.  Here are a just few of the fronts we have sewn up so far - all using the awesome Melody Miller Ruby Star typewriters, since we love them:

{{hmm, a cat heartworm article will keep you interested while out and about with your i-pad}}
{{no mention of heartworms here}}
{{Violet Craft's Madrona Road}}
{{eeek, a bit of colourful language has crept in}}
They've been fun to make up, and we have more to come.

Hope your weekend has been fun.  Ours have been busy, and over too soon.  

Don't forget our Blogtoberfest giveaway - scroll down to Day 10 for our giveaway prize and details.  We love to read your comments, and appreciate them so much.

'til tomorrow,  xoxo cat

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