Saturday 1 September 2012

:: hello ::

Well hello there.  If you are visiting for the first time, thanks to Lynne's Small Blog Meetup, thanks for stopping by, it's nice to see you.  

We are Cat and Vee, two friends who share a love of fabric, sewing and screen-printing, and also talking and catching up over glasses of champagne.  We love to create things that are beautiful and fun, to brighten up our homes and yours too.  

We met through our kids, and discovered our mutual love of fabricy things at a birthday-party a few years ago.  The eyes of many Mums glazed over as we nattered on about fabric and all its many wonders. 

Fast forward to our latest project, which are are very excited about - our Sewin' with the Home-ies collection.  Five gorgeous animals with stacks of personality, and a back-story to boot.  They are in our Etsy shop now as panels, which can be made into gorgeous cushions and quilts, or framed for your wall.  

We are busy sewing up Home-ies cushions for the shop too - there is one Millie Mischief in the shop now, with more to come very soon.

Scroll down to our last couple of posts for pics of our panels and the Millie cushion - or just click on the links above to take you straight to our shop pics.

We also have a Singsongs range of teatowels, so you can host a karaoke in your kitchen while you do the washing up.


As for the recent sewing in Chez Cat - well it's Fathers' Day in Australia tomorrow - so this afternoon I quickly stitched together an ipad zip-pouch:

{{made from Kyla May fabric I had stashed away ... I only had a zip long enough for a side-ways zipper ... }}
{{Kyla May's Best Dad Ever looks nothing like the Best Dad Ever in our house ... }}
{{I had to leave the zipper a little 'open' on the end, otherwise the ipad wouldn't fit in and out ... note to self ... buy some longer zippers ... }}

Hope you've enjoyed the peek into out little world.  See you next time.    xoxo cat and vee


  1. Nice to visit your blog. I love the animals you screen print and the Father's Day fabric is a blast!

  2. Cute case! I love love love your animal panels, they remind me a little of some Clothkits animal bed linens I had in England as a child. I will be back to check them out at your store :) I found you through Lily's quilts.

  3. Just love that Best Dad fabric - and such a good use for it!


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