Thursday 13 September 2012

:: is this microphone on? ::

We have been all about screen-printing and sewing for the shop lately.  Shop shop shoppity shop. 

We have new ideas bubbling away, and non-shop-sewing waiting to be done.  But for this little while at least, we are all about the shop.

Here are today's Etsy listings ... check 1, 2 ... get your dancing shoes on :

{{Sunshiney Doris Day cushion}}
{{are you singing along yet?}}

{{how about now??}}
We are having fun printing the panels, and then choosing some of our very favourite fabrics to sew into cushions. 

We'll be singing and dancing up a storm ourselves tomorrow night, with a bit of a girls' night planned with a few friends.  There will definitely be champagne and loud talking too.  

xoxo cat


  1. These look great! So much fun. Have a great time at girls' night!

    1. thanks Kristan, they really do make you start singing the songs (and then it takes ages to get the songs out of your head ...!).

      Looking forward to tonight. Loud talking and champagne here we come!!

  2. These are so cool! You rock!

  3. ooooh I notice me some auntycookie stuff in there - looking nice!
    I love these cushions, they are so funky.


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