Sunday 16 September 2012

:: what secrets will you keep ::

Ohh happy weekend to everyone, it's been another beautiful one in Brisbane - but we're getting close to 60 days with NO RAIN!! - so we really would like some please.

Thought we'd sew up a little zip pouch from a Finn McTrickster panel - just to show another way you can be sewing with the panels.

The cute crochet-granny-square fabric is by Curly Pops - she has some really gorgeous fabric and goodies - pop across and click on the 'shop' button, we say!

Cute, isn't it. 

Finn is in the shop now.

Hope you've had a great weekend - we're heading into the last week of school term - yahooooo!!  xoxo cat


  1. So darn cute! My Go Granny fabric looks fab in patchwork.

  2. oh awhat a sweet little zip pouch, that fox is too cute!! :)


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