Saturday 8 September 2012

:: Jack Attack fabrics ::

So I caved and bought new fabrics for Jack.

But in my defence, one of our local quilting shops had Tula Pink's Birds and the Bees line, which I love.  A lot.  After seeing it in person, I just couldn't leave it behind.  

So my Jack Attack will be a Tula Pink-a-thon, with a cute sewing text print for the 'white'.  The text print is from my stash, so I've saved a bit of money there ... 

And I'm thinking Tula's white-backed ladybirds could be a 'yes' for the sashing.

Happy weekend to everyone.  It's gorgeous in Brisbane today.  Perfect weather for me to be sitting inside contemplating sewing cushions for my niece's wedding pressie.

xoxo cat


  1. Oh, I want to make a Jack Attack quilt too! These fabrics are bea-hoot-iful!

  2. I cannot wait to see your Tula Jacks!! That is going to be gorgeous, for sure.


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