Friday 7 September 2012

:: Jack Attack quilt along - practice block A ::

The lovely Lynne from Lily's Quilts is hosting a Jack Attack quilt-along.  You may have noticed the big button over there on the right ... or maybe not.

Lynne is a completely awesome quilter and blogger.  She makes amazing, gorgeous stuff, and very kindly and generously shares lots of tips and pics on her blog too.  You'll find a link to her blog down in our side-bar on the right. 

I've joined in with the Jack Attack, along with Vee's and my good friend Tracy (who is blogless, but we'll post her pics here, cos we're super nice like that).  

The Jack Attack is a massive trio of Union Jacks, joined together to make a quilt.

I'm still not 100% decided on fabrics, but Lynne just posted the directions to make Block A, so I've leapt in using:
* a really gorgeous purple Tula Pink print from her Birds and the Bees line 
* a favourite pink Anna Maria Horner Good Folks print
* the awesome black on white text print from Violet Craft's beautiful Madrona Road line.

{{the light's a little bright, but you can imagine the awesomeness of a Tula Pink + Violet Craft + Anna Maria Horner union jack, right?!}}
{{close up.  very happy.}}

Pretty sure there will be Tula Pink's light blue ladybirds making an appearance in another Union Jack, but I'm not sure what else yet.

Lynne's instructions were really clear and easy to follow.  I'm not very experienced in using freezer-paper, so had a bit of a shocker when I peeled it off, with loose threads pulling out along the edges of the fabric.  And there's a little bit of wonk along the top - but nothing that a bit of unpicking won't fix.  

That can wait though, as it's Friday night and I have a date with a glass of wine.  The husband's home early and the kids are in the bath, so 6.00 pm news here we come.  Romantic is how we roll.  

happy weekend everyone   xoxo cat


  1. Damn freezer paper! It's even worse when it's a really small piece of something and it takes the edges off. You can avoid that in future by ironing it to something else and peeling off two or three times to reduce the amount of stickiness!

  2. I love your colors. I used the freezer paper finally and I loved it! I remembered what you said about the loose threads in our other conversation, so I just didn't press on the very edges and I had ZERO frayed edges or loose threads stick to the paper. Did I discover the secret? :)


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