Tuesday 18 September 2012

:: the one about the mahusive zip pouches ::

So we had the cute Finn McTrickster zip pouch sitting on the 'photo-taking-sideboard' for a day or so.  Everyone has a photo-taking-sideboard, don't they?  

Over dinner, my kids both said they love the Finn pouch and wanted one of their own.

So.  They chose a Millie Mischief and a Bela Hoo panel, and gave me their colour specifications. 

Millie Mischief: "red, orange, yellow, blue, you know, bright colours.  And a small piece of that Hello Kitty fabric I saw on your table, but not the actual Hello Kitty cat".

Bela Hoo: "more subdued colours, greens, blues, purples.  And a small piece of Hello Kitty. But not the cat.  And maybe an owl".

And the other proviso - do not cut Millie Mischief and Bela Hoo in half, like you did with Finn.  OK.

So now we have two of the world's biggest zip pouches.  That would have benefitted greatly from a strap of some kind.  But the kids love them and that's all that counts ... 

Here they are:
{{Tula Pink ladybirds, Bliss dots, Hello Kitty sun + bird, a panda, and cutey cute Out to Sea mermaid}}
{{they each chose their zipper and twill tape tab too}}

{{Tula Pink across the top and bottom, Out to Sea purple seaweed and narwhal, Hello Kitty rainbow, Alexander Henry owl, a panda, and the word on the left in purple says "books"}}
{{the Bela Hoo pouch is particularly tall and skinny ... }}
And the backs:
{{I had fun putting the backs together}}
On the back of Millie Mischief - a cute orange Alexander Henry mushroom print, and a few things that 'mean something' to her new owner - a fishbowl cos that's the closest she'll get to owning pet fish (ohhh, we are meannn).  An Out to Sea girl lying down reading, cos she loves to read.  And a Little Apples girl hula-hooping cos she loves to run round and play outside.  And a poodle, who vaguely looks like our dog Ted, who is a cavoodle.   Jeepers.  So much meaning packed into the back of one zip pouch.

On the back of Bela Hoo - Tula Pink lady birds (love love love).  A Suze Ultman Critter Country owl, cos she loves owls.  An Out to Sea girl, cos she wants to have adventures.  A Little Apples girl lying down reading, cos that's how she spends half her life.  And her own Ted-poodle.   Phew. 

{{more Tula Pink on the insides - ladybirds from an earlier range. Super dodgy pic, with yes, plastic cups shoved inside the pouches, but hey, it was night-time, dinner was cooking and I suddenly realised  I hadn't taken pics of the lining}}

It's been a while since I made something for the girls to keep, so I was really happy sewing these together.   I think I'll make them a bag each next - pretty much the same sort of thing as these zip pouches, but without the zip, and with straps.  We'll see how they go.

In other news - it rained for about 4 minutes in Brisbane today - so that was exciting while it lasted.     see you,  xoxo cat

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